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Curriculum Inventory
Streamlined Generation of AAMC Curriculum Inventory
Import, edit, and export CI report quickly and accurately.
AAMC Curriculum Inventory
AAMC Curriculum Inventory

The AAMC Curriculum Inventory is the leading resource on all things curriculum for medical schools in the U.S. and Canada. The organization compiles information based on curriculums submitted by schools throughout the region to produce reports for programs to consult when working on their curriculums and preparing for accreditation. 


Quickly generate the properly formatted XML file needed for the AAMC CI. Make changes to your curriculum and generate another file without waiting.
Event Tracking
Designate which sessions are required along with which sessions engage students with other health professions.
Full Mapping
Show the full mapping path from session objective up through course objectives, program objectives, and PCRS.
Audit Reports
Run reports to preview what the AAMC Verification Report will show when your curriculum is submitted.
Seamless Integration
The Curriculum Inventory export works perfectly with your eCurriculum structure so you can easily populate data while you change your curriculum.
AAMC Standardized Methods
Indicate the primary Instructional Method used during a session and which Assessments Methods are used formatively or summatively.
Keyword Support
Align your sessions to MeSH descriptors or a custom keyword list. Both submit to the curriculum inventory.
Data Refinement
Exclude specific courses and sessions from the export. You can also indicate entire types of sessions that shouldn’t be included.

1. Import


Import existing curriculum information or spreadsheets and align with objectives, AAMC Standardized Vocabulary, and MeSH Descriptors.

AAMC Curriculum Inventory
AAMC Curriculum Inventory

2. Structure Support

Work with our development team to customize eCurriculum to fit your program’s curriculum structure and develop the CI export.

3. Export


Generate your program’s properly formatted Curriculum Inventory as an XML file and make changes if necessary. Then, export it to be reviewed by the accreditation organizations

AAMC Curriculum Inventory
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Find out how eCurriculum can improve your school’s curriculum mapping efficiency and provide insights on your curriculum’s gaps and overlaps.
AAMC Curriculum Inventory